About Dan Callahan


My first book was “Barbara Stanwyck: The Miracle Woman” (2012),  a critical study of Stanwyck and her work for major film directors. It would be too bad if you never bumped into each other. My second was “Vanessa: The Life of Vanessa Redgrave” (2014), the first in-depth biography of the woman many have called our greatest living actress. In his review of my Redgrave book in the “San Francisco Chronicle,” the great film critic David Thomson wrote, “Dan Callahan seems to me a leader among young writers on film.” My third is “The Art of American Screen Acting: 1912-1960” (2018), a study of twenty major actors, from Lillian Gish to James Dean.

I studied acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory in Manhattan. When I graduated from NYU, I started doing theater reviews for “Show Business Weekly,” and later did a weekly column, “Notes from Underground.” I was the Arts Editor of that paper for three years in my early twenties. I have also been the Book Review Editor at Culturedose.com.

I’ve written about film for “Sight & Sound,” “Film Comment,” “Nylon,” “New York Magazine,” “Time Out New York,” and many other publications. I write regular theater reviews for “The Village Voice.”

Email is: dannyboy143@hotmail.com



5 thoughts on “About Dan Callahan

  1. I hardly know where to begin thanking you. What you’ve done is something quite new: a serious (though witty), thorough, insightful,and objective analysis of the art and craft of a formidable but underrated actress. Unfortunately, I fear you wrote it just for me. I can’t imagine there’s a profitable market for the clear headed, at times almost scientific, scholarship at work in your pages. I’ve suffered through so many breathlessly gushy or bitchy fanbooks and tell-all or tell only what flatters “biographies.” You can’t imagine how gratifying it is to nod in recognition at your loving and accurate dissection of precise gestures and tones of voice with which this woman amused,charmed, thrilled, frightened and exited me for most of my seventy-five years.
    Much of what you discuss, I saw when it first appeared. I was astonished to discover, midway through your book that you were decades younger than your authoritative voice led me to assume.
    Whatever the opposite of a guilty pleasure is, “Miracle Woman” is that indeed. I have questions and comments, if they would not be unwelcome. For now I will say only, “Bravo!”
    and please write some more books just for me.
    Lee Kingsmill

  2. Hi Lee,

    Thanks so much for writing to me about my book–I’m so happy you liked it. I tried writing to your listed email address, but it got bounced back. I’d be very happy to talk more about Stanwyck with you. Just write me at my email address: dannyboy143@hotmail.com

  3. Hi Dan,
    My name is Sheree Abate, I am reading “The Miracle Woman” right now and I love it! I am currently a student at Michael Howard Studios Acting Conservatory, one of our final projects is writing and performing a 10 minute piece/private moment with a Hollywood Icon, mine is Barbara Stanwyck! I am in the midst of researching her life and would love to talk with you more in depth about her or meet with you if you’re in the city!

    Thank you!

  4. Oh, here you are, Dan. I will write a short test email to see if you connect here. And I will try your email address from my own Yahoo account.

    Please reply if received.

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